I suggest you ...

time sheet management

- users CRUD their timesheets

- users generates report on their timesheets

I would focus on entering the data such as start date, start time, end date, end time.

Rudolf proposes to

To be pragmatic about it:
1) What is the business case?
2) Compared to other functional requests, what is the priority?

3) In terms of planning of r3.3, what other things are on the list? (I did not see any list yet, except overflow from 3.2). We said we'd make a "backlog" milestone, where we put all "unplanned" requests. I guess Sven hasn't gotten around to do this yet.

Quick analysis: Simply adding time spent on a task may raise other questions such as hourly rates, budget control, adding Actuals to EVM (which is not a bad idea at all). So the task is probably not a simple one. How will we accept timesheets? Simply hand entered? (I guess we could start with that). Upload? What format?

As for the reports that are asked, what format? Excel? Word? Pre-defined?

All this points to a the need for a more elaborate functional analysis, like we did for other bigger changes.

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